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HSS Knives for Lawson

Jallo carries inlaid HSS (high speed steel) knives, which are manufactured from the traditional two piece composite knife blanks. Our HSS inlaid knives contain 18% tungsten (SKH-2) at RC 62-63 which is designed to improve blade life as much as five times that of traditional quality.

This high tech alloy is designed to be used under high production applications, to ensure an increased number of cuts between sharpenings, thereby reducing cost per cutting hour.

All of Jallo's knives are HSS (High speed steel) with tungsten inlay. They feature a high precision knife body, and are seated uniformly and securely. This is the industry standard. Jallo carries most cutting knives for your Lawson in stock, ready to be shipped same day!

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Name Size Pull Length Width Height ID
Pacemaker II MPU-MCC 42" DEP 53.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BA4016
Pacemaker II 47" DEP 58.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BB4016
MPU-MCC 47" SEP 59.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BB4001
Pacemaker II 52" DEP 63.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BC4016
MPU-MCC 52" SEP 64.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BC4002
Pacemaker II 56" DEP 67.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BD4016
Pacemaker II 59.0" DEP 72.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BE4040
Pacemaker II MPU-MCC 60" DEP 73.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BE5046
Pacemaker II MPU-MCC 69" DEP 83.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BG4005
Pacemaker II MPU-MCC 87" DEP 102.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BH4000
Pacemaker II MPU-MCC 110" DEP 125.0" 5.0" 0.496" 2BK4004

Note: Jallo also carries plastic cutting sticks for all the above applications.
Cutting sticks are sold in twelve (12) count packages. Call for more information!